electric brewing made easy

Why electric?

 Electric  brewing enables you to heat faster, use energy more efficiently, and  most importantly, affords you the sanitation and comfort of brewing  indoors. 

Not sure what you need?

 BrewPanels.com  has equipment to fit any brewing style, any budget, and every level of  brewer. Don't see exactly what you had in mind, or have an idea of your  own? We can build a controller to fit your needs. 

Professional level equipment that fits on your countertop.

 Designed and built by the site's owner, a licensed master electrician with 15 years of experience in industrial automation. Our controllers are constructed in NEMA 3R/12 enclosures. Gasketed doors, IP65 rated components, and rubber feet make for equipment that will last a lifetime. 

Featured Products

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Where are your products made?

Brewpanels.com products are all proudly made in in America. Extreme efforts are made to source as many of our components from other American companies as possible. 

how much power do I need?

Most homebrewer's application (5-10 gallon batches) will require a 240 volt, 30 amp 2-pole circuit.

What type of plugs?

Units utilizing 240v 30A will have L14-30 power inlets. Kettle power receptacles accepts L6-30 plugs.

120v 20A units utilizes standard L5-15 receptacles.

How soon will my panel arrive?

We are a small company and are currently experiencing a high volume of orders. Effort is made to keep a stock of common items but a 3-4 week lead time is common.

Do you sell other brewing equipment?

Currently we're focused solely on controllers.

how does shipping work?

Unfortunately these are fairly heavy and large items. A few of our smaller products ship at a flat rate inside the contiguous U.S. Larger products are charged on a case by case basis. We're constantly shopping and exploring better options to get our products to you faster and cheaper.

The regulator review

Check out this great video from @shortcircuitedbrewer!